Our Products

  • Diesel
  • MGO
  • Kerosene
  • Fuel Oil
    • Fuel Oil 380 CST(ISO 8217:2010: RMG 380)
    • Fuel Oil 180 CST (ISO 8217:2010: RME 180)
  • Petroleum products
  • Lubricants
  • Oil Products

Manaloor Diesel Trading LLC - Dubai UAE

Manaloor is an apparent global leader in terms of fuel supply in the UAE & all over the Middle East( Dubai, Sharja, Ajman, Ras al khaimah, Abu dhabi and umm al quwain). We provide fuel related solutions for all kinds of energy requirements from marines, road transportation, construction projects, ports to all business sectors. Our specialized value added services make Manaloor Diesel Trading company is a comprehensive outsource solution for fuel supply, fuel managements & other related activities. We are the logical & smart choice for knowledgeable, dependable & effective fuel related services.

Whatever your fuels (diesel, MGO, Kerosene, Fuel Oil 380 CST, Fuel Oil 180 CST, Petroleum products, Lubricants, Oil Products, etc) needs may be, wherever you may operate, Manaloor Diesel Trading has the infrastructural strength, long term experience & specialized expertise to help our customers meet their demands, streamline their operation thus enabling their business to become more efficient & cost effective. We ensure ontime fuel delivery & ensure bulk delivery of various kind of diesel throughout the UAE via our road tankers. Our prices tend to meet your price/beat our competitor price offering fuel & fuel related products of international quality at most reasonable price. Our fleet of vehicles ensure fuel delivery round the clock all over UAE. We offer wide range of flexible payment terms & also offer credit facilities to our customers as well.

Manaloor has a competitive edge in terms of eliminating driver down time, lesser paper work & having control over product quality. Our wide range of services include project wise supply as well. With its extensive coverage of fuel markets in the UAE, 24 hours a day, you can rely on Manaloor Diesel Trading to provide the best fuel trading deals in the market. Our customer oriented approach & strategies backed by a clearer vision has enabled Manloor Diesel Trading to place itself at a competitive level as a renown diesel or fuel supplier in Dubai & all over the UAE ( Dubai, Sharja, Ajman, Ras al khaimah, Abu dhabi and Umm al quwain).